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Gereageerd door bulldozer op :
I am using OMS now since quite a few months [Smile] .
Besides many positive points I can come up with, I also have negative criticts, mainly on the consumption of resources by OMS and its' stability.
But what I am mainly interested in now, is what you want to achieve with OMS. Is it something you write 'for yourself', to practise your skills, or do you have bigger plans.
By the way, do you expect this Forum to be in English or Dutch?
Gereageerd door NiMS op :
At this moment, there is an OMS 2.0 network in developement. This will include much more features:













What the purpose of OMS is? Actually to perfect my skill and see what I can do for now.
If you have some ideas, just drop it here.
Gereageerd door Budha op :
When will the next major update be available?

Budha is a happy OMS user [Smile]

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Gereageerd door bulldozer op :
My tip is to:
- let the memory consumption drop.
- build in checks in for the 'canvas', in the case that the requested memory is not available.

For the ones, who do not exactly know what OMS is, see: http://www.nims.nl/oms
Gereageerd door NiMS op :
- let the memory consumption drop.

I'm affraid that is out of my hands. I have developed it in C++ Builder, and I have no control over the memory management.

- build in checks in for the 'canvas', in the case that the requested memory is not available.

Same issue here. The canvas error, are coming from the default c++ vcl's. Maybe a fix from Borland will help?
Gereageerd door bulldozer op :
Do I understand it right?
You can do as much as Borland C++ Builder can, instead that BCB does what you want?

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Gereageerd door NiMS op :
I don't understand what you mean.
Gereageerd door bulldozer op :
It just sounds like: You are "only" using ready-to-use buildig blocks, made by 3rd parties (Borland, and others), and features and limitations fully depend on that. In other words, that you don't have (much) influence on the architecture of OMS.
Gereageerd door NiMS op :
In other words, that you don't have (much) influence on the architecture of OMS.
That's not entirely true. You must split the OMS Architecture in two platforms.
The OMS Network (Webservices, PERL, Apache HTTP) and the OMS Clients.
Everyone can write an oms Client.
I have decided to write my OMS windows client in C++ Builder. It has the easy for me to use a lot of precompiled building blocks. It was never my intention to create a platform unindependent CLIENT.
The server is the open architectur, and is the real power of OMS [Smile]
Gereageerd door bulldozer op :
That is a good defense.

Just want to add the remark that for (most) users the OMS Windows Client is the Architecture!
Gereageerd door NiMS op :
To put your mind at ease. When I have finished the OMS 2.0 network, I will concentrate about the oms 3.0 client.
I hope I can fix a lot of the problems and issues there.
You just have to be a little patient.
Gereageerd door bulldozer op :
Patience is not the average consumer's best quality [Wink] . I am looking forward to 3.0.
(when do I lose the f. Junior status?)

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Gereageerd door NiMS op :
When you have more than 50 posts.
Gereageerd door Budha op :
Originally posted by NiMS:
When you have more than 50 posts.

That's asking for trouble [Smile]

I used VS .NET to create a dummy windows client. I put some panels in it and added a web reference to the OMS WSDL.

After compilation, the clients .exe file was only 28kb large. That gives me good hopes for a full -working- version.

Sadly, the memory usage seems to be very high. 7mb of physical memory and 5mb of virtual memory is used upon startup.
Gereageerd door Bulldozer op :
Maybe you can rethink your priorities! Maybe from a technical point of view, it is most interesting for you to work on the Network now.
But the Network is doing it's work correctly and speed is also not an issue.
What I think we, the users of OMS, want, is a new version of the OMS Client!
Are there users who support this view?
Gereageerd door NiMS op :
There is nothing to work on when there is no new network. I have gotten a lot of request from other users wanting all kinds of new features.
You seem to be the only one having troubles with the client.
Gereageerd door Bulldozer op :
I don't, my computer does. And I am a frequent user, contrary to most others. No offence, but excuse me for using my PC to it's bounderies [Smile] .

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Gereageerd door Bulldozer op :
*NFDeleted* Please delete this subject.

[ July 04, 2002, 04:42 PM: Message edited by: Bulldozer ]
Gereageerd door LPChip op :
Why should this subject be Deleted?

If it forfilled your answer, then use *NFFilled* Instead!

Topics should only be deleted if it contains rude posts, or if some of the members are being insulted verry terribly, but then, the thread itself could be saved, and only the nessesary posts could be deleted.

Keeping an thread alive is for the other people to see what history a board has.

Ofcource NiMS can decide to delete a thread after x days if there was no posting activity or so.
Gereageerd door LilWiz op :
Zit er nog toekomst in NiMS?
Gereageerd door NiMS op :
Dat ligt aan jullie wensen [Wink]
Gereageerd door LilWiz op :
msn script erin en misschien ook script van bestanden sturen ofzo
Gereageerd door NiMS op :
msn wordt aan gewerkt, maar nu je ervoor zou moeten betalen weet ik niet of dat wel een goed idee is [Confused]
Gereageerd door Budha op :
Voor MSN betalen is nog lang niet aan de orde. Microsoft heeft alleen een slag om de arm genomen zodat je in de toekomst niet weer eens tegen tig rechtzaken aanlopen.

Juist de tegenstanders van MS zorgen ervoor dat steeds meer diensten betaald worden of niet meer aanwezig zijn in het OS. Uiteraard om hun eigen concurrentiepositie te versterken.

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